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          3D measuring system

          3D photography Measure


          HOLON3DP three dimensional photography measurement system is to a rack handheld type of high resolution (4288x2848) digital camera, on was measuring property shooting digital photo, by 2D digital photo images of Diego collection, to gets was measuring property of 3D coordinates, and this items mobile type of technology in for ripping was measuring property of 3D coordinates, and quality control (Inspection) and the variant analysis (Deformation) Shang are can effective of saves volume measuring time.Before you begin the measurement, first paste code in the object, and then use the camera to shoot.During filming, shooting images of many different perspectives, to read these images into your HOLON3DP software, because of the different angles of each image, each image different angles, through triangulation of methods, HOLON3DP software to combine these images automatically after operation, provides 3D coordinates of every code point circle.

          Great scene Measure


          Based on the two-dimensional scanning and then adding an orthogonal rotation axis, to form three dimensional scans.By recording the measured surface lots of dense dots coordinates information and reflectance information, entity or a three dimensional virtual complete collection of data to PC and rapid rehabilitation of a three dimensional model of the measured target and line, surface and volume maps and other data.


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