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          3D Scanner

          Three-dimensional scanner


          Three-dimensional scanner W3000 (ultra-large-scale three-dimensional scanner)

          1. 13 Step Coding Calibration Technology: Eliminating Lens Error

          2. Heterodyne Multifrequency Phase Shift: Uniform Stripe Projection

          3. Compatible Photogrammetry System: Higher Accuracy

          4. Calibration Source of Granite

          5. Patent Design: Eliminating the Problem of Multi-angle Scanning Stitching

          6. Accumulative scanning accuracy is very high. Single machine can complete about 4m workpiece scanning.

          7. Multi-mode scanning, easy to adjust

          Product parameters

          Product model


          Scanning mode
          Non-contact 3-D Scanning (Photographic 3-D Scanning)
          Projection and Grating Technology
          Microstructure Light Projection and Extrapolation Multifrequency Phase Shifting (Optional: Blue/White)

          Calibration technology

          Ring Coding Calibration (13 steps)

          Single Scan Range (mm)

          Independent mode


          Adjustment mode




          Single measurement accuracy (mm)


          Single-sided scanning time (S)

          Splicing mode

          Automatic Intelligent Mosaic and Manual Feature Mosaic

          Scannable object range (mm)


          Average sampling point distance (mm)


          Industrial three-dimensional Photogrammetry

          Supporting the import of coordinate point files (<0.04mm/4m) for industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry splicing Engineering

           Industrial camera

          Resolution (pixels)

          1.31 million pixels (2 million, 3 million or 5 million pixels can be selected according to customer requirements)

          Camera Angle (Degree)

          18℃, 27℃, 32.5℃

          Place of Origin


          Industrial lens (mm)

          8, 12, 16, 25 (according to model configuration)

          Calibration unit
          Granite/Carbon Fiber

          Industrial Operator

          Heavy Mobile Operator

          Data Output Format

          ASC,STL,PLY, IGES

          Light Source and Energy (W)

          Standard 100 W Halogen Lamp; LED 50 W High Energy LED (White); High Energy Lamp (HPL) 250 W Halogen Lamp

          Application field

          Vehicle and parts, moulds, large castings, aircraft parts, boats, large blades, construction machinery, reverse engineering, three-dimensional inspection

          Working temperature, power supply

          -10℃~50℃、100~240V AC

          Scanning devic

          System size (mm)


          System weight (kg)

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