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          3D Scanner

          Three-dimensional scanner


          Three-dimensional scanner W3000 (ultra-large-scale three-dimensional scanner)

          1. 13 Step Coding Calibration Technology: Eliminating Lens Error

          2. Heterodyne Multifrequency Phase Shift: Uniform Stripe Projection

          3. Compatible Photogrammetry System: Higher Accuracy

          4. Calibration Source of Granite

          5. Patent Design: Eliminating the Problem of Multi-angle Scanning Stitching

          6. Accumulative scanning accuracy is very high. Single machine can complete about 4m workpiece scanning.

          7. Multi-mode scanning, easy to adjust

          Heavy mobile operation platform has excellent mobility performance, and can be fixed at any time in more complex terrain. The platform is equipped with pallets, which can place computer and other accessories. When scanning large objects or easily deformed and other difficult to move objects, heavy mobile platform is used to adjust the position of the three-dimensional scanner and scan objects in all directions to achieve the best scanning effect and make the scanning work more efficient.

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