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          3D Scanner

          3DHL Body Fitting Room

          3DHL Body Fitting Room

          Based on 3D infrared sensing technology, the 3D HL intelligent body sense fitting room can accurately measure all the body shape data of each person in only 2 seconds, so that we can understand, pay attention to and record the changes of body shape of ourselves and family members. It is a beautiful impression of time, growth and memory of each family.

          Product Features

          Technical features of 3DHL smart body fitting room

          1. integrates fitting room and three-dimensional measurement of human body. It has friendly human-computer interaction interface and can measure body in entertainment and scientific and technological experience.

          2.loud computing, real-time recording, fast speed, but also eliminate the problem of data loss, data recording. Data human-machine interaction;

          3.he system also supports local measurement, cloud computing, mobile app handheld view, consumers can match clothes at any time and anywhere, body data management, so that customized handheld orders become possible;

          4.Multi-angle high-speed measurement: multi-computer system automatically and quickly completes three-dimensional human body data acquisition from four angles, automatically splicing point cloud data from different directions into a unified coordinate system, 2-second extreme speed measurement experience, 1-minute accurate body shape data acquisition, 2-minute intelligent matching commodities, full details private subscription;

          5.industry difficult hair and black clothing scanning;

          6.Technical support: independent research and development, flexible customization development; strong top R&D technology team to provide you with comprehensive solutions and technical guidance, always be your solid technical backing for scientific research and development;


                         product appearance and basic flow chart of 3D volume

          The system is especially suitable for the batch deployment of various clothing brands in stores, terminals and business centers, greatly improving the customer rate and user stickiness, and can play an immeasurable market value for the customization business of brand clothing. Brand clothing stores customized clothing business.

          Consumers can use APP virtual fitting, order and information acquisition.

          The experience and customization of commercial centers, stations and wharfs, and densely populated areas around colleges and universities;

          Teaching and training in clothing colleges and fashion design training centers;

          Census of population type data;

          Product parameters


           HL3D BbodyScanner-B


          Fast volume; cloud computing; APP query;

          Measuring column

          4(4 directions)

          Number of head



          IR / depth camera

          Depth resolution




          Depth range


          Projective Technology


          Measurement time


          Measuring Range


          Point density


          Depth of field




          Working voltage

          AC 220V

          Overall measurement accuracy


          Installation area



          • 3DHL Measuring software

            The integrated design software is simple and convenient to operate. It integrates three-dimensional measurement of fitting room and human body. It has friendly man-machine interaction interface. It completes volume measurement, high-speed cloud computing, real-time recording and fast speed in entertainment and scientific and technological experience. It also eliminates the problems of data loss, data recording and data man-machine interaction.

          Training services

          Maintenance services

          Equipment warranty period, if the equipment damage caused by our quality, we free maintenance;

          If not,our company is responsible for the maintenance , but cost consultation by both parties.

          We provide product life-long maintenance, if outside the product warranty, we still provide 

          technical service, and cost consultation by both parties.


          Consulting services

          Our company provide 7 x24 hours customer service hotline:0755-86586007 86586285 

          The user can through a variety of ways get in touch with us, we will provide free advisory 



          Service plan

          Our company will keep in touch with users regularly, in a timely manner to solve the problem.

          If the device fails, and the user can not solve,our company will send professional technology 

          personnel to the scene to solve.

          After-sales service process

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