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          3D scanner to obtain Yongle big clock data, restore 3D scene


          In recent years, more and more 3D scanners have been used in archaeological and cultural relics protection.

          The use of three-dimensional scanner can do: 1. archaeological site records 2. Conservation 3. virtual museum show

          For a variety of reasons, museum counterfeits can't always be shown to visitors, or only a part of them. Scanning artifacts and relics in all directions with 3D scanners and 3D technology. Get the most realistic three-dimensional data. Restore a 3D scene for visitors. More vivid, more attractive, and more curiosity. It is the best helper for the museum to build a three-dimensional archive of three-dimensional archives. Yongle Dazhong knocked out the 2015 New Year's bell. Yongle Big Bell, the largest existing bronze clock in China, is 6.75 meters high, 3.7 meters in diameter, 3.3 meters in outer diameter and 46.5 tons in weight. The thickness of the bell is 18.5 mm. The body of the bell is smooth and clean. There is no crack in it. There are 230,184 words in the scriptures. There is no missing word and the casting technique is exquisite. It is a treasure of Buddhist culture and calligraphy art. The Beijing Computing Center used a three-dimensional scanner, which took half a year to scan the Yongle Big Bell. The 230,000-word Buddhist scripture cast by Yongle Dazhong’s “Tong Body” has been digitally reproduced. This is the first time that China has realized digital technology Ding text. The audience can see the inscription on the bell through the projection inside the hall. This is undoubtedly the "first debut" after the 3D scan of Yongle Dazhong. The viewer can view the inner and outer walls of the clock, including the inscription on the clock, on the newly set touch screen. A live audience said: “The first time I saw this technology, I felt a bit innovative, a bit fresh. I could visually see the words on these big clocks. It’s good.”


          Yongle Big Bell internal virtual image display

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