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          22nd North China International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition


          The 22nd North China International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition was grandly opened in Shenyang International Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for three days and was of great scale. Shenyang, the host city, is the central city of Northeast China, the transportation hub of Northeast China, and the material distribution center of China's important industrial base.

          On-site photographs of the exhibition

          The theme of this exhibition is a complete set of solutions for robotic application products and intelligent factories. For Hualang engineers and exhibitors (automotive assembly, automotive parts production, welding, 3C, integrated solutions for machine tool application industry, robotic workstation, robotic intelligent production line, etc.), the new three-dimensional scanner equipment of our company is introduced in detail to understand customer product needs. Our company's three-dimensional scanner can be used for three-dimensional scanning, three-dimensional detection and reverse design belongs to the industrial scanner.

          On-site photographs of the exhibition

          Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot. We will continue to make efforts to let more people know HOLON and let our brand (HOLON) break through a new height and new influence in the three-dimensional scanner industry at home and abroad.

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