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          The 14th Dongguan International Mold, Metal Processing, Rubber, Plastics and Pac



          Hualong 3D (Holon3D) company booth map

          From November 14th to 17th, 2012, the 14th Dongguan International Mold, Metal Processing, Rubber, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition was successfully held in Houjie Town, Dongguan. Our company, Holon3D, successfully participated in the exhibition. .


          Our staff and customers have a cordial conversation

          In these four days of exhibitions, our booths are all shoulders every day, and the flow of people is like a weaving. Our professional staff and skilled presentation skills have attracted many customers to visit our booth. When our staff demonstrated our new signature point handheld 3D scanner, which was first created in China, the customers present were very interested in this 3D scanner and made a high evaluation of the 3D scanner. The customer said that the three-dimensional technology is exquisite, and the country is currently unable to find a second home. It can be compared with foreign ones. It really adds to the people of the country.


          Our staff are busy preparing a demonstration of the 3D scanner.

          The exhibition has come to an end. Our company has achieved more than expected results at the exhibition, and we are very happy. We will take this opportunity to make great strides and continue to struggle for the 3D scanner business. We believe that through the efforts of all employees, we will be able to take the lead and lead the 3D scanner industry.

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