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          The 17th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition


          2016/3/29-2016/4/1 The 7th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition uses all 9 exhibition halls of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 110,000 square meters, set metal cutting machine exhibition area, sheet metal machine tool exhibition area, forging and pressing machine tool exhibition area, special steel and material exhibition area, mold and metal products exhibition area, measurement and equipment exhibition area, 3D printing and software exhibition area, motion control and transmission exhibition area, robot 9 exhibition areas including application and non-standard automation exhibition area, tool and tool exhibition area. It has attracted equipment manufacturing giants from more than ten countries and regions in the world such as Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Spain. With the “Industry 4.0” raging, the revolutionary production method represented by intelligent manufacturing is the first highlight of this Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition.


          Exhibition overall display

          In the measuring instrument exhibition area of Hall 6, in addition to international famous brands such as Hexagon, Zeiss, and Sirui, the number of exhibitors in the domestic measuring instrument industry has increased significantly compared with previous years, and we can still see some in recent years. The more widely known optical measuring devices, such as 3D scanners. The 3D scanner is a high-tech integrating light, machine, electricity and computer technology. It is mainly used to scan the space shape and structure of the object to obtain the space coordinates of the surface of the object. Its important significance is that it can convert the stereo information of the real object into the digital signal directly processed by the calculation performance, which provides a convenient and quick means for the physical digitization.


          Exhibition interior scene map

          Our company cooperated with Shenzhen Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute to hold the “Geometry Product Life Cycle Based Inspection and Testing Program” to showcase the implementation path and plan of Industry 4.0 for the exhibitors, and discuss with each other “Precision design, precise measurement, precise control "The way, our company dispatched a number of technical personnel and business personnel to participate in this exhibition for the purpose of communication technology. At this exhibition, our company exhibited measuring systems such as handheld laser 3D scanners and camera-type 3D scanners. Our products can be widely used in reverse engineering and 3D inspection of industrial products such as large forgings, auto parts, castings, electronic and electrical parts.

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          Exhibition slogan display

          During the exhibition, various industry personnel visited our company's 3D scanner equipment, listened to the substantive cases of our company's new product development and research, and the technical engineers conducted on-site 3D scanning demonstration. The industry personnel and technical strength of our company in various industries. And the results achieved are positive. Our camera-type 3D scanner is the first in China, synchronizing the fourth generation of heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift grating technology in Germany, which can improve the quality of scanning point cloud. The equipment can carry out multi-angle and large-area scanning. At the same time, Hualang 3D is the domestic one. The inventor of a generation of handheld scanners, the first domestic industrial grade handheld laser 3D scanner manufacturer.


          Hualong 3D (Holon3D) company booth map

          This year's Machinery Exhibition focused on high-end manufacturing at home and abroad, and the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project was particularly eye-catching. This exhibition clearly reflects the development trend of China's current equipment manufacturing industry, and has become a "wind vane" and intelligent manufacturing leading platform focusing on China Manufacturing 2025.

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