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          The 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo


          The five-day 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was successfully concluded on September 5th at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. The Shenzhen Head Office was invited by the Tianjin company (Huaguang 3D (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.) to participate in the exhibition. It demonstrated the tailor-made information solutions for the 3D scanner industry, consolidated existing partnerships, and explored a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for market development.

          With the theme of "equipment manufacturing and high-tech", the Expo has been successfully held for 12 consecutive years since its inception in 2002. The exhibition has an unprecedented lineup, with a total exhibition area of ??850,000 square meters, 37,031 booths and 8,458 exhibitors. This not only proves the development of China's machinery industry, but also shows the vigorous development of the 3D scanner industry. At the same time as the development momentum of the 3D scanner industry is gratifying, the market competition situation is extremely fierce, and many emerging brands have quietly emerged. How to use information technology to improve chain management and marketing skills, take the initiative and gain advantages in the battle for the market that is filled with smoke, is a problem that every enterprise must think deeply.


          Exhibition interior scene map

          Hualang 3D understands the current status of the domestic 3D scanning market, and uses this professional platform to show the domestic leading scanning industry information solutions to the national and global scanning industry. At the exhibition, the staff gathered the practical application of information technology, which inspired the 3D scanner enterprises to overcome their own management bottlenecks and achieve faster development.

          For 3D scanner companies, the accuracy, portability, and breadth of products require high requirements. At this exhibition, we have introduced measurement systems such as handheld laser 3D scanners and camera-type 3D scanners. Our products can be widely used in reverse engineering and three-dimensional inspection of industrial products such as large forgings, auto parts, castings, electronic and electrical parts. In addition, our camera-type 3D scanner is the first in China, and the fourth generation of German heterogeneity is synchronized. Multi-frequency phase-shift grating technology can improve the quality of scanning point cloud, and the device can perform multi-angle and large-area scanning. At the same time, Hualang 3D is the inventor of the first generation of handheld scanners in China, the first industrial-grade handheld laser in China. Three-dimensional scanner manufacturers, these characteristics are in good agreement with the scanning companies' pursuit of precision, portability and wide-ranging needs, which has become the focus of this exhibition.

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          Holon 3D booth map

          During the 5 days (September 1-5) exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of exhibitors, and the staff always communicated with the participants with full enthusiasm and patience, and the technical engineers conducted on-site 3D scanning demonstration. All the industry personnel affirmed our company's position in the industry, technical strength and achievements. After the professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue had a certain understanding of the products, they all showed strong cooperation intentions.


          Our staff talks with customers

          Today, in the 3D scanner industry, grasping the demand is to grasp tomorrow. Hualang 3D will provide professional and efficient information solutions for the scanning industry with a more mature and professional attitude, which will contribute to the prosperity and development of the scanning industry!

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