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          Ninth China Automobile Technology Exhibition and Automobile Testing and Testing


          The 9th China Automobile Technology Exhibition and Automobile Inspection and Technology Exhibition opened in Chongqing International Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasts for three days and covers an area of 46,000_, with more than 700 exhibitors and a total of 35,000 participants.

          On-site photographs of the exhibition

          The theme of this exhibition is automotive front-loading industry technology. Special theme area of automobile testing and testing technology is designed to systematically display the latest testing, testing, development and validation technologies for the whole vehicle and parts, providing innovative solutions for the continuous improvement of safety, reliability, durability and high quality in automobile manufacturing industry.

          On-site photographs of the exhibition

          Hualang three-dimensional technicians displayed our new scanning equipment and demonstration at the exhibition. They explained in detail the three-dimensional scanning, three-dimensional detection and reverse engineering technology for exhibitors. They attracted wide attention in the industrial field and attracted many customers to have in-depth exchanges and discussions with Hualang three-dimensional technicians at the exhibition site.

          Using the exhibition platform, Hualang 3D will display advanced three-dimensional scanners and technical solutions to the Midwest automobile users. In order to promote the continuous promotion of brand influence in the Midwest region and the continuous expansion of potential customer groups.

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