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          The first handheld 3D scanner in China, the second in the world


          The development of modern 3D scanner technology is getting better and better, and the industry applied to it is becoming more and more extensive. New product technologies are continuously introduced on the market to solve the problems faced in the scanning process in the past, from fixed to portable handheld The shape and appearance are getting smaller and smaller, and it is more convenient and quick to use the 3D scanner.

          The first handheld 3D scanner

          However, China's first handheld 3D scanner was produced and put into use in 2008, and the manufacturer is Hualang 3D. In 2006, Hualang established a research and development handheld 3D scanner project team. Through team members' continuous update of algorithms, software upgrades, and appearance design, in 2008, the first domestic handheld 3D scanner was produced. This handheld 3D scanner is small in size, palm-sized, 15 cm long, 3.5 cm long, and 5.3 cm high, making it easy to use. The domestic 3D scanning industry has entered another stage of development, from fixed to handheld, which is more convenient to use and carry, and it is also convenient and quick to use.

          The first handheld 3D scanner

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