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          Application of 3D scanner in formula racing


          A racing car built with a common formula (regular restrictions) is a formula car, and the race is a formula car race. The racing car must be manufactured in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the International Automobile Federation's vehicle technical rules, including body structure, length and width, minimum weight, engine working volume, number of cylinders, fuel tank capacity, electronic equipment, tire distance and size, etc.

          At the beginning of motorsports, there were no restrictions on racing vehicles, and then it was in fairness and safety. It began to try to classify and restrict racing vehicles. Finally, there was a restriction standard for all participating vehicles. The design and manufacture of the program, including body size, weight, engine displacement, maximum power, whether to use accelerators and tire patterns, dimensions and other technical parameters of the car, are produced in one equation.

          Then, the production is manufactured in the form of equations, and the production parameters are saved in a form, which can be effectively referenced in future production and production, which expands the convenience of production and improves production efficiency. In the case of wear and tear, you can also refer to the data for repair, reducing repair and maintenance expenses and shortening repair time.

          Choosing to use 3D scanner high-tech inspection equipment can improve work efficiency and solve problems quickly. The accuracy of the data acquired by the 3D scanner scanning products is high, which can control and reduce the overall error. Now more and more laser lines are developed and produced by the 3D scanner, and the scanning speed is also faster and faster. When the car is produced, the original data is scanned and saved for subsequent production or maintenance. In the case of wear and tear that requires repair, obtain the data after wear, compare and analyze with the original data, and generate a report to detect the vicinity of the problem, which can quickly solve the problem. Improved solutions for customers.

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