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          Hualang 3D scanner helps new car development projects


          The traditional lamp design is carried out simultaneously with the body design. The three-dimensional model of the vehicle assembly is completed. The body needs to make a stamping die. The lamp needs to make an injection mold. After the different molds are finished, try to mold, assemble, and modify the respective molds. This process requires the cooperation of the lamp holder and the lamp, which means that there are two uncertain factors, which increase the modification cycle and manufacturing cost. The company's staff hopes to get consistent, complete, and accurate measurements faster through 3D scanners, allowing their product development to remain as high as ever.

          After learning about the company's specific situation, Hualang's engineers scanned it with the Hualang 3D scanner (HOLON-3DS), which can quickly and easily obtain the headlight data. The three-dimensional point cloud data is acquired by the measurement method of the marker point automatic splicing of the three-dimensional optical measurement system. The machine is very stable, the whole scanning process is less than 30 minutes, the precision reaches 0.01mm, far exceeding the accuracy expected by the customer, not only saves time and manpower, but most importantly, helps customers earn a place in the market. The 3D scanner can restore the design of the lamp in a short time, and understand the ingenious design of the original, which is very helpful for the development and manufacture of the same or better performance of the lights.


          Car lamp real shot diagram


          Car headlights STL data chart

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