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          3D Photogrammetry System - 3D Measuring Instrument


          HOLON3DP 3D Photogrammetry System is a handheld high-resolution (4288×2848) digital camera that takes digital photos of the measured object and superimposes the 2D digital photo images to obtain the 3D coordinates of the measured object. This mobile technology saves measurement time in 3D coordinates, quality control and deformation analysis of the measured object. Before starting the measurement, the code point will be attached to the object and then taken with the camera. During the shooting, many different angles of the image will be taken and read into the HOLON3DP software, because each image has a different shooting angle, and each image has a different angle and is triangulated. The HOLON3DP software automatically combines these images and calculates the 3D coordinates of the center of each code point.

          Using high-resolution camera, by taking multiple images of objects before and after deformation, the three-dimensional coordinate values ??of key information points on the surface of the object are calculated, and the deformation data of the object is obtained. It is a deformation measurement technology developed on the basis of industrial digital 3D photogrammetry. Can be widely used: mechanical load test, heat load test, environmental test, wind tunnel lighting simulation. 3D measurement for large size and large deformation, measuring size range: 30mm~100m. It can measure the three-dimensional coordinates of code points and mark points on the surface of large objects (several meters to tens of meters), and can be combined with HOLON3DS three-dimensional optical surface scanning. The system quickly obtains high-precision three-dimensional data of large objects, corrects point cloud information of large-area surfaces, and greatly improves the overall point cloud stitching precision of the three-dimensional scanner. The three-dimensional geometric shape comparison between the workpiece and the CAD digital model can be performed, and the product shape quality of the large workpiece can be quickly and conveniently detected.

          Application case: 3D measurement of elevator

          Faced with problems:

          The elevator commissioned by Shanghai Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd. has a length of 18 meters, a large body, and many elevator curved surfaces, complex structure and difficult measurement. The traditional measurement method of the elevator company is manual measurement, and the time cost is too high. The precision error is extremely large. The competitive pressure in the market forced the company to find new ways of production and find Hualang.


          According to the actual situation of the company, it was decided to use the HOLON3DP 3D photogrammetry system. The HOLON3DP 3D photogrammetry system uses a handheld high-resolution (4288×2848) digital camera to take digital photos of the object under test, and 2D digital photo images. The superposition is used to obtain the 3D coordinates of the measured object, and this mobile technique can effectively save the measurement on the 3D coordinates, the quality control (Inspection) and the deformation analysis (Deformation) of the measured object. time.


          Engineer prepares for measurement



          Engineer is measuring the elevator

          The company needs to detect the angle and length of the elevator. The traditional manual measurement method is very inefficient and has a large error. Using the HOLON3DP 3D photogrammetry system, it takes only one hour and the accuracy is 0.25mm, which shortens the detection period. Reduced costs and increased accuracy.


          Elevator 3D measurement chart

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