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          The use of 3D scanners and 3D printers in schools


          3D scanners and 3D printers can be used by different types of colleges and universities and students of different ages. By allowing teachers to earn more time to teach important theories and foundation courses, students save unnecessary energy waste and focus on demonstrating their creativity. You can also cultivate your interest in science.

          According to Japanese media reports, Osaka Electric Communication University of Japan has recently organized the use of 3D printing technology to create its own mini-model activities. Participants swarmed up to 24 times the prescribed number. Designed to engage participants in science and develop hands-on skills. The core of this event is to let the students below the high school students make "mini me". The activity is first to scan the participants with a 3D scanner and then print. The children who participated in the event said excitedly, "I want to use it for decoration." Osaka Electric Communication University said, "I hope to cultivate everyone's interest in science."

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          Primary school students participating in the activity are actively making their own models.

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