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          3D scanner and 3D printing perfect copy sculpture


          Sculptors have been using the same outstanding metal casting technology for centuries, but with the combination of 3D scanners and 3D printing technology, it provides a more accurate and environmentally friendly way to replicate classic art.

          They have been using lost wax casting for 40 years, but now sculptors believe that the combination of 3D scanners and 3D printing technology is the most important development for centuries. Although he has supported traditional manufacturing methods, 3D technology now has the ability to preserve details and perfect reproduction, which he has to believe.

          In the process of cooperation between 3D scanner and 3D printing, the 3D scanner is mainly responsible for collecting the 3D scan data of the sculpture, and then converting the collected 3D data into a point cloud and a 3D model. Then use a 3D printer to make a wax pattern. After the 3D wax mold was made, the lost-wax casting process was used to replicate the copper pieces - although modern 3D scanning and printing techniques are currently used, the lost wax casting process has never changed for 1000 years.

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