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          The meaning of 3D scanner


          We have discovered from the rapid changes in the field of 3D printing that the establishment of 3D stereoscopic models is the key to 3D printing. At present, only professional 3D designers and enthusiasts can master relevant software applications and techniques and build their own models. The mass consumer and the future generation will only be able to listen and watch in the face of 3D printing. To participate in it, it is necessary to use cheap and simple auxiliary equipment and applications.

          At present, many 3D printer manufacturers have developed and designed 3D scanners. 3D scanning has also become a fast-growing field. The leading brand of design software has long launched a 3D model service, but its data source is only With multiple 2D photos, it is impossible to deal with items with smooth surface. The scanning accuracy and practical range are not much better than the 3D scanner hardware, which is a very good promotion for the promotion of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

          In the future, taking portrait scanning as an example, in reality, you and the online world, you are not only the name, mobile phone number, ID card, account correspondence, but also the real appearance features, the reality and the virtual world can be one by one. Correspondingly, there are many application areas that can be expanded and developed.

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