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          Application of 3D scanner in industrial inspection


          With the development of science and technology and industrial production, more and more fields have proposed the requirements for three-dimensional inspection of workpiece size and shape parameters. At present, 3D scanner measuring instruments have been successfully developed on the market, such as 3D scanners, which are better than traditional measuring instruments in terms of measurement range, measurement accuracy and measurement speed. Domestic industrial products that want to be exported to foreign countries must be analyzed and compared with three-dimensional inspection reports. Currently, industrial exports are basically tested using 3D scanners.


          Three-dimensional inspection program

          In terms of industrial exports, plastic parts, guide vane blades, large castings, and other products, the surface of the object is relatively complicated, using a three-coordinate measuring instrument to measure, the three-coordinate work efficiency is low, the measuring speed is very slow, and the sample test report cannot be obtained. Increasing the production cycle of the product, for the enterprise, if the processing size is insufficient due to deformation or shrinkage of the product, the entire sample will be scrapped, causing huge losses to the enterprise. Quickly check the size of the sample in advance, you can determine whether the margin of subsequent processing is qualified, can improve the production cycle of industrial products, the manufactured product can have deformation or dimensional error, and the 3D scanner can scan the shape of the product to compare the three-dimensional data. For analysis. The object is scanned by a photo-type 3D scanner and a handheld 3D scanner, and the scanned 3D point cloud model is compared with the original CAD model for full-scale detection, and the difference between the final product and the original design is analyzed, which is simple and convenient. Quickly and accurately detect geometrical errors in complex shapes and improve product quality.
          Three-dimensional testing is currently widely used in industry, which is a problem for enterprises to solve sample products and improve product quality. The advantages of 3D scanners will be gradually applied to the field of industrial testing, which is a useful supplement to traditional measurement methods. It has important theoretical and practical significance.

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