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          Shenzhen Metrology Institute leaders visited Hualang 3D inspectio


          Hualang 3D is the only independent research and development and sales company in China. Independent innovation is the mainstream of the modern era. Hualang 3D is the first in the field of scanners and leads the trend.

          Recently, the leaders of Shenzhen Metrology Institute visited Hualang Technology for inspection. During the inspection, the leaders of the Metrology Institute first listened to the company's new product research and development and the work done in recent years, the company's development and future development direction, and also visited the company's product demonstration, the leadership praised our company's advanced equipment, At the same time, it expressed affirmation and reassurance to the products developed by Hualang. Affirmed the position, technical strength and achievements of Hualang Company.

          Leadership photo

          In the subsequent exchanges, the two sides explored the possibility and specific content of in-depth cooperation, and hope that Hualang will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve independent innovation capability, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. Contribute to the independent innovation industry in Shenzhen. Everyone agreed that there is a strong complementary relationship between Hualang Technology and Shenzhen Metrology Institute, and there is a broad space for cooperation in aviation precision measurement, intelligent plant related equipment research and development, and other key projects in the aerospace field.

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