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          "Artificial Sun" and 3D scanner


          Improving and improving a country's energy structure and completing a country's new energy construction more quickly and efficiently is a major event that many countries are now implementing closely. The development of solar energy, around solar energy applications, humans have thought of many ways. In China, researchers are creating an artificial sun.

          In the circulating 2M installation, the researcher of the “vacuum chamber” technology of the Southwest Institute of Physics of the Nuclear Group Nuclear Industry, Yu Hong is the chief designer of the most important equipment “vacuum chamber” of the circulating 2M installation. A vacuum chamber inside a car tire liner is like a space capsule. This is where the nuclear fusion reaction takes place. In the future, it will reach an ultra-high vacuum of 10 minus seven powers, which is thinner than the cosmic air density. Two orders of magnitude.

          It is necessary to carry out an all-round inspection of the processed nuclear device and compare the digital pattern of the product. In order to improve the nuclear processing technology and improve quality. The nuclear device has a large shape, a complicated shape, and a large number of holes, and has high requirements for the accuracy of the acquired three-dimensional data.

          After understanding the situation, the headquarters Hualang 3D engineers scanned the combination of Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DW and 3D scanner HL-3DX. HL-3DW has ultra-large-format scanning function, which is very suitable for scanning large objects. Very stable, the entire scanning process is only one hour, the precision reaches 0.05mm, and the 3DX can accurately scan those holes and improve the nuclear device detection data. The acquired nuclear device 3D data is imported into the detection software Geomagic Qualify, which can quickly detect the difference between the nuclear device (CAD) model and the manufactured parts of the product. Geomagic Qualify can display the difference between the two in an intuitive and easy-to-understand graphical comparison. .

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