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          Application of 3D scanner in reverse engineering


          New product development
          First by the shape designer using clay, wood or plastic foam to make products in the proportion of the model, from the aesthetic point of view to evaluate and determine the product shape and through reverse engineering techniques will the transformation into CAD model, which can not only make full use of the advantage of CAD technology, also greatly add fast innovation design realization process. In the aviation industry, automotive industry, household appliances manufacturing industry and some of the toy manufacturing industry have been different degrees of application of the promotion.
          The product imitation and modification design
          In the case of only physical and lack of relevant technical information such as drawings or CAD model, the use of reverse engineering technology for data measurement and data processing, reconstruction and real CAD model, and on this basis to carry out the follow-up operation, and ultimately achieve the product of imitation and improvement. The method can be widely used in the repair, renovation and innovation of the products such as motorcycles, household appliances, toys and so on.
          Rapid tooling manufacturing
          In order to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, the mold manufacturing has introduced a variety of advanced design technology. The application of reverse engineering technology in rapid tooling manufacturing is mainly reflected in two aspects: Taking the sample mold as the object, measuring the mold which has been in accordance with the requirements, and reconstructing the CAD model, and generating the mold machining program on this basis. Taking the physical parts as the object, in order to use CAD technology to process the mold, we must first convert the material into the CAD model, and on the basis of the mold design.
          Rapid prototyping manufacturing
          Rapid prototyping manufacturing referred to as CAD, integrated mechanical, RP, numerical control, laser and material science, has become an effective means of Proe new product development, design and production, the production process is directly driven by the CAD model, reverse engineering can provide a CAD model for the tour.
          Digital product detection
          This is a new development direction of reverse engineering. After the processing of parts, the digital model of the product is obtained, and the model is compared with the geometric model of the original design, which can effectively detect the manufacturing error and improve the accuracy of detection. In addition, the CT scanning technology, but also the internal structure of the product for diagnosis and quantitative analysis, etc.. So as to realize nondestructive testing.
          Three dimensional scanning in the medical field
          Advanced medical tomography apparatus, such as CT, can provide high quality tomography information for medical research and diagnosis, and provide good conditions for the CAD modeling of human organs. On the basis of the CAD model of the human body, it can quickly and accurately create the three-dimensional framework of hard tissue replacement and the application of soft tissues or organs in vitro, and provide the basis for the organization of the project.
          Clothing, helmet design and manufacturing
          According to the difference of individual body, using advanced scanning equipment and surface reconstruction software, the digital model of human body is established, which is designed and manufactured, and the products of the helmet, shoes, clothing and other products are designed and manufactured. Similarly, in the field of aviation, aerospace clothing production requirements are very high, need to be based on different body shape features, reverse engineering parameter modeling to achieve mass customization helmet and clothes production provides a new way of thinking.
          3D scanning of art and Archaeology
          D scanner application of reverse engineering technology, but also to the handicraft, cultural relics and other copy, can be easily generated by the physical model of computer animation, virtual scene, etc..

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