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          Measurement principle of grating 3D scanner


          Grating projection camera is a kind of high speed and high precision 3D scanning equipment, which is the most advanced in the world. A composite 3D non-contact scanning technology with the combination of structural light, phase measurement and computer vision is used. Different from the traditional 3D scanner, the scanner can scan an object's surface at the same time.
          D scanner features:
          1.scanning speed: less than 5 seconds can get about 1000000 points, high efficiency
          2.each time a three-dimensional scanning three-dimensional feature surface, access to the entire surface of the three-dimensional data, measuring point distribution density is very high and very rules
          3.non-contact scanning: the use of photographic principle, non-contact optical scanning, the object surface three-dimensional data.
          4.measurement using unique technology, single scanning precision can reach 0.01 ~ 0.03mm (depending on type)
          5.not only meet the general object scanning at the same time, for the greater depth of field object scanning
          6.the full automatic stitching of the marking points: the results of multiple measurements can be automatically mosaic, and the object can be turned and moved in any time during scanning. By generating multiple measurement data, a large area scanning can be achieved by the stitching of the marks.
          7.point cloud noise processing and pruning: the noise points can be trimmed and removed.
          8.the environmental requirements of a wide: normal environment light on the scanning system has no effect, in normal office environment can obtain high performance data
          9.equipment parts, easy assembly and disassembly, convenient to measure the scene
          10.measuring the output data interface widely: the measurement of the point cloud data is ASC, VRML (Y, Z, X) format, can be directly and
          UG, Geomagic, CAM Pro/E and other software interactive data
          11.laser calibration and ranging system, convenient and quick for the object scanning.
          Three dimensional scanner application domain:
          CAD/CAM/ Reverse Engineering (RE) / rapid prototyping (RP):
          - scan in kind, establish CAD data; or scan the model, establish the 3D data for detecting the surface of the component.
          Do not use 3D CAD data to build data
          - create and improve product design by using the real model created by RP
          Data capture by finite element analysis
          Detection (CAT) /CAE: production line quality control and surface parts shape detection
          Scientific research: computer vision, computational geometry, archaeological research
          Other applications: relics, works of art of entry and electronic display, animation modeling, teeth and orthodontic correction surgery, and maxillofacial operation.

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