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          Application of three dimensional scanner in hardware


          Very widespread application of scanner in the manufacturing sector, many measurements and scanning hardware devices need it to.Scanner scanning hardware devices is a challenge, because the hardware on the accuracy requirements are relatively high.Scanner can complete measurements over the entire scan objects scanned, including measurement of wear, the data more accurate, can meet the requirements of manufacturers.Traditional measurement is accomplished by using calipers and coordinate measuring machine, the traditional method to measure hardware parts of all of the data, so you get the accuracy is not high, do not meet the manufacturer's specifications.

          Because traditional methods cannot meet the current industrial production, many manufacturers are introducing a highly accurate three dimensional scanner.Automotive, aerospace, computers, consumer electronics, and other industries are turned to a three dimensional scanner for product measurement and detection, abandoning traditional methods of measurement.Scanner scan when using non-contact scanning, you can capture millions of data points, you can quickly build data models in three dimensions, so as to shorten the product development cycle manufacturers.This is unmatched by traditional methods.

          Hua long Scan scanner hardware, you can quickly scan all objects, markers and automatically smart generate point data.Using the scanner can reduce human error, it can get millions of data points in a few minutes, processing of curves and complex shapes of hardware devices is no problem.If you want higher accuracy, combined with Hua long used three dimensional photogrammetric system, scan data accuracy is higher.

          Reduce product development and production cycles, reduce production costs, improve product quality, improve product competitiveness in the market, is every enterprise's relentless pursuit.Have scanner, achieving these goals within reach!

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