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          Angle technology


          On November 25, the CCTV news channel reported the J15 shipboard computer in Liaoning in China successfully landing on the ship.J15 experiment platform's successful landing marks China's aircraft carrier entered a new phase, but also marked the beginning of the platform has been fighting, for the maintenance of real importance to the territorial integrity of the State.

          J15 after a successful landing was officially confirmed and reproduced in the report of the domestic and international media frenzy.Careful people may find J15 corner calibration marks on the carrier.Angle calibration technique does not result in deviation of the Visual tag is a new technology, the technology not only high accuracy and reliability.Our Hua long three-dimensional (Holon3D) is also a corner point calibration technique similar to this.


          J-15 fighter


          Corner of corner markers similar to black and white checkerboard of intersections, it satisfies the "ideal" requirement--that is, not size.At the time of extraction, we directly from the corner coordinates of a point, rather than receive it by fitting, and there will be no deviation between real corners.This not only improves accuracy, ensure the accuracy and reliability of the subsequent photogrammetric.

          Compared with the dot markers, corner points extraction of tag is much more complicated, if only by software, it is difficult to realize real-time and smooth scanning.To this end, we will corner detection algorithms in a hardware chip, which not only ensure the fluency of scanning, also significantly reduced the requirements for the computer configuration.

          Our company is a professional scanner and three-dimensional measuring instrument manufacturer, committed to three-dimensional digital technology and manufacturing, have developed three dimensional scanner-a measurement of production for the needs of production systems and other products.

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