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          Company introduction

          Committed to three-dimensional digital manufacturing industrial, professional r-photo scanner, handheld scanner, and three dimensional optical inspection systems.Hua Lang three dimensional relying on the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Xian Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, United States overseas doctors, such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute postdoctoral research and development team, with combination of platform, after years of unremitting efforts, realizing series and diversification of industrial three dimensional scanning measurement systems.
          R: photo scanner, handheld scanner, three dimensional photogrammetric system, three dimensional color laser scanner, the human (shaped) scanner:
          Offers: reverse engineering, rapid prototyping services, industrial digital manufacturing solution.And according to the customer's demand for three dimensional design services and project implementation.
          We have VW, Huawei Technologies, Chery auto, the Virgin Connie group, Embry holdings, Sun group, BYD Auto, Sun Yat-sen University, hundreds of enterprises and scientific research institutions to provide products and services.

          Corporate Culture

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          Brand meaning: the three dimensional brings together all things in the universe of Hua Lang "3D" image of (x, y, z), the "red, green and blue" color (r, g, b), with a red hot
          Stands, green innovation, vitality, and blue the thick product sends thinly, start people excellent close-range industrial three dimensional measuring system!

          Marks the second meaning: "3D" and "o"---the stereoscopic binocular vision, the "l"---grating, it was Hua Lang three genes, we are absolutely determined,
          Never to offset a three-dimensional measurement industry!
          Double "o"---see the future, "HOLON"---the wisdom of mind, the "3D"---multi-dimensional thinking, embodied the Hua Langren to scientific and technological innovation,
          Remember that science and technology is the primary productive force!       


          Company philosophy:

          HOLON3D three dimensional-------Hua long circle, the thick product sends thinly!

          Resources are drying up, only cultural circle.All industrial products were created by human intelligence, Hua long three-dimensional has no dependent natural resources only in the minds of people excavated large oil fields, forests, coal mines ... ...
          The culture here, not just knowledge, technology, management, sentiment ... ..., it also contains all productivity of intangibles.
          Hua Lang three-dimensional culture emphasizes the importance of co-operation, team spirit, honesty, self-critical, emphasizing improvements in work.Sense of responsibility, the spirit of innovation, professionalism and spirit of unity and cooperation are the essence of our corporate culture.Seeking truth from facts is our behaviour guidelines.
          Hua Lang three dimensional ' greatest assets are those responsible and effective management of employees.Respect for knowledge and personality, the collective struggle and do not give way meritorious employees, our cause is the inherent requirement of sustainable growth.
          Hua Lang three dimensional stresses the responsibility of the company results in a value-oriented, sought to establish a mechanism for self motivation, self management, self discipline, and to provide staff with management and professional technical dual career development path.   

          Corporate Vision

          HOLON3D---Hua long three-dimensional's success stems from relentless for users to increase productivity, enhance their quality of life.
          We strive for the thick product sends thinly, and actively carry out technology and product innovation, continuous learning, creating the world's best and most innovative of the three dimensional scanning measurement systems.
          Three-dimensional digitized manufacturing technology for industrial application, renovation of traditional industries and productivity improvement, struggles with his boots;To provide advanced products and satisfactory service;Application of three-dimensional measurement technology for China's optical industry industrial development and make greater contributions!

          Core strengths

          Only research and development industry together on the international level:
          Camera scanner, handheld scanner, colour scanner devices, three dimensional photogrammetric system technology company
          Autonomous has coding school set technology (domestic leading, synchronization international advanced technology), the technology is on three dimensional photography measurement technology of core master and application, improve original scan precision domestic pioneered used outside plug type more frequency phase moved grating technology, improve scan points cloud quality, and Germany GOM company synchronization, real has Blu-ray device scan system, white photo type three dimensional scanner technology international leading, three dimensional scan points spacing can up 0.01mm (domestic only), for fine workpiece scan, used rigid design concept, Improve product stability
          Industrial grade handheld scanner (logo)
          Filled the blank in domestic technology (only domestic suppliers, internationally leading technology products)
          Angle markers splicing technology (the technology is a leading international peer to enable scanning accuracy up to 3-5 times)
          Rigid technology of product design, temperature-resistant is strong,
          Circuits, optical, optical lenses, lasers, and other core components of self development, to ensure product stability, design leading international counterparts
          Handheld scanner (free-form surface)
          Filled the blank in domestic technology (only domestic suppliers, internationally leading technology products)
          Scanning by using unique dot matrix laser (technical only, leading international)
          Rigid technology of product design, temperature-resistant is strong,
          Compared to similar products, delicate three dimensional scanning data, clear lifelike, textured images
          Three dimensional Photogrammetry 3DP system at the international level to maintain a dominant position
          Accuracy guaranteed to ± 0.05mm/4m;±0.0125mm/m
          With intelligent analysis technology of dynamic objects
          Have global actuarial point cloud registration technology
          Color scanner (independent of the three camera scan mode, more realistic color data)
          Internally to achieve sub-pixel technology
          Domestic sokang nano technology of three-dimensional measurement
          Wide field of view vision measurement technology, three-dimensional measurement range 30m,50m,100m
          ★ Have a three dimensional scans and core technology of three-dimensional inspection, you can according to customer demand, customized products, such as
          Automotive applications of three dimensional scanner:
          For auto clay modeling three dimensional scans and three-dimensional three dimensional foam film detection, auto detection, auto sheet metal three dimensional scans and three dimensional measurement of three dimensional detection category, wind vane, cell phones and sophisticated three dimensional reverse and three-dimensional inspection of electronic components, the human three dimensional scan and three dimensional printing technology, class three-dimensional digital restoration of cultural relics preservation and reconstruction


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