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          Technical support

          Training services

          Training services

          Three-dimensional Hua Lang has an excellent team of three dimensional design and training designers in reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing with many years of practical experience in the field, Hua long three-dimensional offers training services include:
          1. three dimensional scanner using training:
          Provides training in the use of the scanner, including the installation, commissioning, actual operation and daily maintenance of content, training of personnel skilled in specific uses of scanner.
          2. reverse engineering training:
          Including Imageware, Pro/E, UG,Geomagic,SolidWorks, professional, advanced training in the three dimensional design software, three dimensional designers skilled in practical work.

          Service rules

          Maintenance services
          · An equipment within the warranty period, as a result of damage caused by the quality of our equipment, our maintenance-free;, In the case of non-damage caused by the quality of our equipment, our company is responsible for maintenance at the expense of the parties.
          · We provide product life-long maintenance, products outside the warranty period, our company still offers technical services at the expense of the parties.

          Advisory services
          · I provide 7x24-hour customer service hotline: 0755-86586007 86586285
          · In multiple ways users can contact my company, my company provides free advisory services.

          Services programme
          · We will regularly keep in touch with the user, to solve the problem in a timely manner.Device users cannot resolve the failure, our company will send professional technical personnel to the scene to solve.

          Diversity training

          With the development of communications, some new problems have arisen in the training business: trained personnel to gradually reduce or quit training of popularity is not enough, and so on.To fully meet customer needs in different regions, Hua Lang through the local training, training, Division of Hua Lang in-country training in the center of Hua Lang set a variety of training methods of training, Hua Lang headquarters training, flexibility training, and maintenance work to maximize meet customer's actual needs, achieving further closeness and extension of services to customers.
          Hua Lang looks forward to sharing with you all of our experience and technology in order to achieve the ambitious targets to work together with you to create the future!

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