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          Industry applications

          • Hip bone model 3D scanning case

            The three-dimensional scanner HL-3DS was used to obtain three-dimensional data of the hip bone to realize mass production of the hip bone model.

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          • Skull 3D scanning case

            A public security bureau uses a three-dimensional scanner to obtain three-dimensional data of the victim's skull and conduct inspection and analysis. According to the three-dimensional data of the skull, the identity of the victim can be inferred, so that the case can be quickly broken.

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          • Human body three-dimensional scanning scheme

            A famous garment factory in Guangzhou used the 3D scanner HL-α7000 to obtain data of different body models, which was used to make model houses and accelerate the design of clothing. It is also possible to tailor clothing to customers in need.

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          • Human face 3D scanning

            Three-level hospitals need to perform three-dimensional scanning of the face to obtain a three-dimensional data model of the face before and after plastic surgery. After communication, we provide professional technology and provide the most suitable scanning solution for on-site demonstration.

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