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          Industry applications

          • Smurf 3D scanning case

            Use the 3D scanner to quickly get 3D data of the Smurf template and modify it directly on the 3D digital model according to customer requirements. At the same time, software can be retrofitted on any product 3D digital model to efficiently develop serialized products.

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          • Flight attendant model mass production plan

            A famous airline needs to mass produce the existing flight attendant model and present it as a gift to the guests. Traditional design methods have a long cycle, and the use of 3D scanners can shorten the design cycle of Smurf toys and speed up the production of flight attendant models.

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          • Kung Fu Panda Series Product Development

            Modify the settings directly on the 3D digital model according to customer needs. At the same time, the software can be modified on the 3D digital model of Kung Fu Panda products to efficiently develop serialized products.

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          • Toy reverse design case

            Customers want to improve existing production methods, speed up product production efficiency, and increase product qualification rates. With traditional production methods, the design cost is high, the production cycle is long, and the similarity is difficult to meet the standards required by customers.

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          • Buddha image reverse scanning case

            The manufacturer needs to scan the fine Buddha image to obtain high-precision 3D data, and then combine the reverse processing software to process the Buddha image scanning data to generate triangular mesh surface data.

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          • Small plastic toys

            As the world economy continues to recover, toys, consumer demand is gradually restored, global markets (except mainland China) over two-thirds products from China, and Chinese is the out-and-out toys manufactured powerhouse.

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