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          Industry applications

          • Jade carving reverse design

            Jade carving is one of the oldest sculptures in China, and there are many varieties of jade carvings. The customer hopes to obtain the three-dimensional data of the jade carving through the three-dimensional scanner, and cooperate with the jade carving machine to directly process the mass production of the jade carving.

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          • 3D scanning case of stone carving

            The 3D scanner HL-3DS plus engraving machine can mass produce stone carvings, which greatly improves the company's production efficiency and reduces costs. 3D scanners and engraving machines, traditional engraving methods have been replaced by new methods.

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          • Nuclear sculpture batch production case

            Artificial engraving takes time and effort and does not achieve the desired effect. The customer hopes to obtain the nuclear carving data through the 3D scanner and directly process it through the precision engraving machine to realize the mass production of the nuclear carving.

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          • Wood carving batch production plan

            Using Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DX, combined with reverse design technology, the existing woodcarving data acquisition and 3D surface reconstruction, the obtained 3D data is processed and then directly processed into the engraving machine software to realize the mass production of woodcarving. .

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          • Unicorn Kirin clay production plan

            A famous cultural company produced a unique unicorn unicorn clay sculpture. The company hopes to mass produce this clay sculpture and promote the local traditional handicraft culture.

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          • Large Buddha image scanning case

            The Buddha is a cultural product influenced by ancient Greek culture, which combines Indian culture with Western culture. It also has a history of thousands of years. A well-known domestic company needs to scan a large Buddha statue with a height of about 4 meters and a width of about 1.8 meters, and then mold production.

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          • Large Buddha image backlight reverse design

            The rise of Buddha statue art was in the first and second centuries AD, and there are thousands of historic history. A well-known domestic enterprise needs to scan the large-scale Buddha image backlight with a height of about 2.5 meters and a width of about 1.5 meters to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data. Reverse design.

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