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          Industry applications

          • Wind turbine blade three-dimensional scanning scheme

            Blades are the most basic and critical components in wind turbines. Its good design, reliable quality and excellent performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit.

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          • Large turbine volute inner wall detection scheme

            Invite our company's technical personnel to carry out three-dimensional scanning detection and analysis on the inner wall of the company's turbine volute to improve the product quality of the castings on the inner wall of the turbine volute.

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          • Vacuum pump reverse design case

            A well-known pump manufacturer in China hopes to quickly obtain the appearance data of the original vacuum pump through the 3D scanner, accelerate the replacement, design and development of the later product parts, and improve the production efficiency of the vacuum pump.

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          • Super large steam turbine 3D scanning case

            A large domestic thermal power plant company invited our technicians to perform three-dimensional scanning on the turbine casing of the enterprise to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data, thus providing effective data support for the production design of the turbine insulation cabin.

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          • Sewage treatment equipment fan impeller 3Dscanning case

            A well-known large-scale water treatment equipment manufacturer in China needs to perform three-dimensional scanning on the fan impeller of imported sewage treatment equipment, and obtain high-precision three-dimensional data to inversely model the fan impeller. Impellers reduces company losses.

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          • Cabin STL data diagram

            Customer is a well-known shipbuilding enterprise in China. It needs reverse design and three-dimensional reconstruction for the scanning of abandoned yacht cabin, which will lay the foundation for the improvement and processing of yacht.

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          • Three dimensional scanning of pump housing

            In today's world, the water crisis caused by insufficient water resources and pollution has become a complex problem faced by any country in policy, economy and technology, and a major constraint to social and economic development.

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