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          Industry applications

          • Aviation helmet reverse design case

            The helmet has sights, communication equipment and aircraft flight data displays. In the event of an accident, the helmet can protect the pilot while the pilot is jumping! Use 3D scanners to obtain 3D data from aviation helmets, improve helmet structure and improve helmet performance.

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          • Kayaking model reverse design case

            The kayak model is up to four meters long and has a large scanning difficulty factor. By analyzing the scanned parts and using the 3D scanner HL-3DW developed by independent technology, Hualang 3D technical engineers can obtain 3D data of the kayak model in just 40 minutes, with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

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          • Aircraft spare parts 3D scanning case

            The aircraft is a high-end manufacturing technology, whether it is used to manufacture parts, product testing, or aircraft assembly process, no error, and measurement and testing technology requirements are extremely high.

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          • Wing parts processing improvement program

            Aircraft manufacturers have less than 50% pass rate for wing components. To obtain 3D data for high-precision wing components, and to determine the exact location of the rivet holes. Coordinate value to improve product processing efficiency and product quality.

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          • Fighter turbine blade reverse design case

            An aviation accessory manufacturer in Guizhou uses the Hualang 3D scanner to scan the turbine blades of the worn aircraft. The blade body of the turbine blade is the carrier for energy conversion in the gas, and the primary factor determining the performance of the turbine. The design requirements of the turbine blade are very high. .

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          • Aircraft propeller model three-dimensional scanning case

            Factors such as diameter, number of blades, firmness, blade angle, pitch, etc. should be considered during the design process. Due to the long design time, the company hopes to use 3D scanners to scan 3D data of aircraft propellers and reverse design to speed up work efficiency.

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          • Air propeller 3D scanning case

            A customer needs to obtain a high-precision 3D model of the air propeller. Hualang engineers use the HL-3DS to obtain the 3D data of the air propeller quickly and accurately, and draw a 1:1 3D model in the reverse design software UG.

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