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          Industry applications

          3D scanning of wood carving、Engraving 3D scanning

          Three-dimensional inspection case of mixing blade

          The mixing blade is fixed on the inner wall of the mixing tank or on the mixing arm to drive the moving blade of the concrete mixing object. Long-term motion can easily cause damage to the blade or curvature of the curved surface, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. Therefore, I want to inspect the root of the blade to understand the deformation.

          Practical problem

          The scanning sample curve has a large amplitude and a large scanning area. The customer needs to judge the abnormal situation after a certain period of use. It requires efficient work and quick completion of the scanning and inspection work. Now handheld 3D laser scanners are high precision, fast, portable and easy to operate, real-time visual measurement equipment, is a good choice.

          On-site entity map

          Holon solutions

          According to customer requirements and scanning samples, our technical engineers use the new handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON751 to perform a comprehensive three-dimensional scan of the mixing blade. The three-dimensional scanner automatically locates the target point and quickly collects high-precision point cloud data.Import the collected data into the 3D inspection software and perform data analysis on each surface point of the root to check the degree of compliance with the deviation value of the surface distance. A simple and easy-to-understand data report can be exported for comparison and reference by customers to understand the problems. Can help customers quickly present problems and provide solution reference data.

          STL data graph

          Comparative analysis chart

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