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          Industry applications


          Three-dimensional inspection of wheel mold

          The wheel hub is the rotating part of the wheel core connected by the steel column of the tire inner profile, that is, the metal component that supports the center of the tire and is mounted on the shaft. The center hole of the hub is the part used for the fixed connection with the vehicle, that is, the position of the concentric circle between the center of the hub and the hub. This diameter size affects whether the installation of the hub can ensure that the geometric center of the rim can be consistent with the geometric center of the hub.

          Practical problem

          The customer needs to scan the wheel hub to obtain data to measure the diameter size. Obtain accurate three-dimensional data as a reference value, reduce numerical errors in production products, and ensure installation accuracy.

          On-site entity map

          Holon solutions

          Use Hualang 3D's new handheld 3D scanner 751 to perform comprehensive 3D scanning of the wheel hub to obtain high-precision scanning data. The 21 laser scanning lines have a fast scanning speed and high data accuracy, up to 001mm, which improves production efficiency. Import the acquired data into the three-dimensional inspection software, and measure the diameter of the hub to obtain the corresponding value.

          STL data graph

          STL data graph

          Comparative analysis chart

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