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          Industry applications

          3D scanning inspection

          Three-dimensional inspection of motor car

          A motor car is a vehicle equipped with a power device in a rail transit system. The motor is the main power device, acting as a driving torque, as a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery, and uses mechanical energy to convert electrical energy. The customer's product is an electric locomotive motor, and the assembly requires high accuracy of the hole position. Therefore, the position and diameter of the motor mounting hole are measured, and the data is obtained to analyze whether there is a deviation problem, so as to avoid assembly problems.

          Practical problems

          The appearance of the motor is more complicated, mainly measuring the hole spacing, diameter and intermediate shaft distance, which has high requirements on the equipment used, and the data measurement accuracy error is small, which can accurately reflect the existing problems.

          On-site entity map

          On-site entity map

          Holon solutions

          Hualang 3D handheld 3D scanner HOLON751 has a scanning accuracy of up to 0.02mm, with a single-line scanning deep hole mode, 20 laser beams, and a fast scanning speed, which can easily solve the scanning of the motor train. The scanned data is imported into the 3D inspection software for comparative analysis, and a simple and easy-to-understand inspection report is exported. Customers can see all the data clearly, make judgments and formulate corresponding solutions.The handheld 3D scanner facilitates and efficiently completes the scanning and acquisition of data, which brings great help to customers and meets their needs.

          STL scan chart

          STL scan chart

          Comparative analysis chart

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