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          Industry applications

          3D scanner

          Reverse scanning of auto parts

          As the foundation of the auto industry, auto parts are necessary factors to support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. Without the independent brand of the whole vehicle, the R&D and innovation ability of a strong parts system is difficult to burst. Without the support of a strong parts system, it will be difficult for independent brands to become bigger and stronger. Parts need to be innovated and transformed, and the use of 3D scanning modeling can effectively and quickly complete the innovation work.

          Practical problems

          There are irregular parts around the scan and deep holes. Moreover, the reverse transformation requires high data accuracy. According to the past, the measurement time is longer, time-consuming, and costly. Therefore, it is necessary to use 3D scanning technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

          Three-dimensional scanning of parts and components

          Holon solutions

          Use Hualang handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON751. The multi-scanning speed of the laser beam is fast, and the single-line mode is suitable for scanning deep holes, and the fine mode is for scanning small parts. Paste a small number of identification points around the scanned sample, and use a three-dimensional scanner to quickly scan to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data. Import the optimized data into the 3D reverse design for 3D model construction.

          3D scanning data map of parts

          From 3D scanning data acquisition to reverse 3D modeling, it helps customers solve the problems they face, improve work efficiency, reduce problems encountered at work, save working time, reduce labor costs, and bring greater benefits.

          3D scanning data map of parts

          3D scanning data map of parts


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