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          Industry applications

          Handheld 3D scanner

          Mold 3D inspection

          Molds are tools used to make molded objects. In industrial production, various molds and tools are used for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or forging molding, smelting, and stamping to obtain desired products. The mold is prone to breakage, bend, and gnaw during use. It is necessary to record the damage in detail to provide information on discovering and solving problems. Therefore, it is necessary to use three-dimensional scanning technology to detect and find the problem.

          Practical problems

          The workmanship of the workpiece is relatively complicated, with details such as grooves, curved surfaces, and holes that are difficult to manually detect. In addition, the object is a composite, and some details cannot be measured manually. It means that the quality cannot be controlled, and there may be deviations. The use of a three-dimensional scanner can measure all the details through laser line scanning without contact, providing a simple and convenient detection solution.

          Mold scanning physical map

          Mould scanning site map

          Holon solution

          Hualang engineers use the handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON751 to complete the scanning of this object. First, mark points on the object. HOLON751 has a standard mode and a fine mode. First, the standard mode is used to scan the entire workpiece to obtain data, and then the fine mode can be used to scan small parts. Use different scanning modes in different parts, switch freely, and obtain high-precision scanning data.

          Mold scan data graph

          Import the acquired data into the 3D inspection software, and the inspection comparison can generate a simple and easy-to-understand analysis and inspection report. In this way, it can help customers find out where the problem exists, control the quality of the product and solve the problem.

          Mold scan data graph

          Mold scan data graph

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