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          Industry applications

          3D scanning of tubing

          Three-dimensional inspection of tubing

          Tubing is a pipeline that transports crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas reservoirs to the surface after drilling is completed, and is used to withstand the pressure generated during the mining process. Therefore, it is easy to be damaged during use, which will affect the use of functions. Therefore, it is necessary to use a three-dimensional scanner to collect data on the tubing, do comparative analysis, check existing problems, and make timely changes to avoid affecting subsequent work arrangements.

          Practical problem

          The tubing is slender and has changes in the bending amplitude, and requires high data accuracy. Due to the influence of the shape characteristics, the traditional three-dimensional scanning equipment cannot collect accurate data. Therefore, customers want to find a 3D scanner that can solve this problem.

          Tubing 3D Scanning Site Map

          Holon solution

          Our company uses the handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON751 to scan the oil pipeline in a non-contact way to collect data, and the scanning work is completed within 10 minutes. HOLON751 has fast scanning speed, high data accuracy, flexible and convenient scanning process operation, which can reduce time consumption and improve work efficiency.

          Scan STL data graph

          Import the collected data into the 3D inspection software for processing, and export the simple and easy-to-understand comparative analysis report with the original digital and analog, so you can understand the existing problems, adjust and optimize the processing, produce higher quality products, and improve product utilization. ,cut costs.

          Scan STL data graph

          Scan STL data graph

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