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          Industry applications

          Sculpture 3D Scanner

          Sculpture 3D scanning

          Things with commemorative significance are usually expressed in the form of sculptures. Through artistic performance, a visible and tangible artistic image with a certain space is created to reflect social life and reality. It is considered to be the most typical plastic art and static Art, space art. I want to use 3D scanning technology to obtain data so that the sculpture can be displayed to more people.

          Practical problems

          Sculptures are large and heavy, not easy to move, and there are restrictions on the audience. In order to get more understanding, the physical display is transferred to the online display. Want to obtain 3D display data through a 3D scanner. Since the sculpture is a character sculpture, there are many details, and it is necessary to completely restore the entire sculpture. Generally, traditional 3D scanners cannot perform fine scanning of details, and the accuracy of obtaining data is not high. This requires the use of a new three-dimensional scanner, high-precision scanning.

          Sculpture entity diagram

          Sculpture entity diagram

          Holon solution

          The new handheld 3D scanner HOLON751 of Hualang 3D is used. The 3D scanner has fast scanning speed, high measurement accuracy, and carries a fine mode, which can scan the details with high accuracy, with an accuracy of up to 0.01mm.

          STL data map of sculpture scanning

          Use a scanner to scan the sculpture in an all-round way to obtain 3D data, and use the fine mode to scan the details and textures to obtain high data accuracy. Import the acquired data into the 3D software for optimization processing, and then obtain the 3D display diagram.

          STL data map of sculpture scanning

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