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          Industry applications

          Mold 3D scanning

          Mold 3D inspection

          A mold is a tool used to make molded objects. It is composed of various parts. The shape of the object is processed by changing the physical state of the molded material. Under the action of external force, the blank becomes a tool with a specific shape and size. The mold is a precision tool with a complex shape and withstands the expansion force of the blank. It has high requirements in all aspects. Therefore, it needs to perform three-dimensional scanning for inspection.

          Practical problem

          The scanned object is black, with irregular surface structure and a recessed area. Customers need to do mold inspection, so they have high requirements for scanning data, and the scanner must have high accuracy to complete the inspection work accurately. Using a general three-dimensional scanner has limitations for scanning black objects, and powder spraying is required. It is not easy to scan irregular surfaces, which easily leads to poor data accuracy.

          Mold site scan

          Holon solution

          After understanding the scanned objects and customer needs, our engineers use the handheld 3D scanner HOLON751. Use the scanner to scan the scanned mold comprehensively and obtain high-precision data. Only need to paste the mark points and scan without spraying powder, the scanning accuracy is 0.02mm, and the scanning speed of multiple laser lines is fast.

          Scan STL data graph

          Import the acquired data into the three-dimensional inspection software for processing, perform inspection and analysis, and generate a simple and easy-to-understand error inspection report, so that the existing problems can be understood, corresponding improvements can be made, and the quality inspection and quality control problems are solved.

          Scan STL data graph

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