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          Industry applications

          3D scanning

          3D Inspection of Automobile Mould

          Automobile mold, in a narrow sense, is the general name of the mold for punching all stamping parts on the automobile body. That is "automobile body stamping die". With the rapid growth of automobile sales, the scale of auto parts is larger than that of complete vehicles. 90% of these parts are produced by molds, which is beneficial to promote the development of the automobile mold industry. Therefore, the quality requirements of the manufactured mold are high, and it is necessary to compare with the original digital model.

          Practical problem

          The surface structure of the scanned automobile mold is relatively complicated, and there are holes. It needs to be tested and compared with the original digital model to check the gaps. Therefore, the accuracy of the scanned data is high, and the data can accurately make a comparative analysis report. The traditional measurement method has low data collection accuracy, cannot make accurate measurement, and cannot do comparative testing later.

          On-site scan of car mold

          Holon solution

          The hand-held 3D scanner HOLON751 is used to quickly obtain the point cloud data of the automobile mold, and the scanning can be completed in 20 minutes. This device has high scanning data accuracy and fast data acquisition speed, and has a single-line scanning deep hole mode, which can accurately scan deep holes, obtain high density of automotive mold point cloud data, and good detail feature reduction.


          Digital diagram



          Import the acquired data into the inspection software for comparison and analysis with the original digital model, generate a simple and easy-to-understand error quality report, and use the result to show the difference between the two, which is convenient to improve product quality and facilitate later mass production.

          Comparative analysis chart

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