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          Industry applications

          3D scanning technology、Handheld scanner、Engraving 3D scanning

          3D inspection of equipment shell

          The outer shell is the outermost structure attached to the device to become a complete entity. Because there is no original design drawing, it is damaged during use, it is difficult to repair and redo, which brings great difficulties to the work. Therefore, customers want to obtain shell data through 3D scanning technology to achieve data retention and reverse design requirements, which can greatly reduce repair costs and improve problem solving efficiency.

          Practical problems

            Customers cannot use the previous detection methods and fail to achieve the required results. The detection accuracy should be high, and the overall accuracy should be guaranteed in the scanning and stitching, and meet the customer's requirements. The scanning speed should be fast and easy to use. Moreover, the internal space is small and it is not convenient to scan.

          site scan

          site scan

          Holon solution

          According to the problems faced, use our handheld 3D scanner HOLON751. This device has fast scanning speed, high accuracy and strong stability. The appearance is small and exquisite, the operation is convenient, the application range is very wide. Since the shell is made of stainless steel, the surface is a bit reflective, so a layer of developer is needed. Then place the mark points for positioning and splicing. Use a three-dimensional scanner to quickly scan and collect high-precision data, import the acquired data into the reverse software, perform reverse modeling, and obtain data retention and reverse design for modification.

          Scan inverse graph

          Scan inverse graph

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