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          Industry applications

          Steam turbine three-dimensional inspection and scanning_3D scanner

          Three-dimensional inspection of steam turbine

          Steam turbine is the main equipment of modern thermal power plants. Rotary steam power units are used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, and ship power units. Rotors equipped with blade rows rotate. The customer needs to scan the rotating blade row of the steam turbine to obtain a comparative analysis of the data. The new handheld 3D scanner of our company is used to comprehensively scan the sample to obtain the required data and apply it to the work of the steam turbine to make better equipment.

          Practical problems

          The size and shape of the steam turbine are large, the gap between the blade rows is small, and it is easy to form an included angle. The customer needs high scanning data accuracy, good scanning technology, and can complete the work in a short time, which is very challenging.

          Turbine blade scan site map

          The traditional scanning method has limitations in use. The sample is too large, it is not easy to splice, it consumes too much time, it cannot meet the demand, and the problem is solved quickly.

          Turbine blade scan site map

          Holon solutions

          Regardless of the size of the sample, we have equipment suitable for scanning. For the customer to scan the steam turbine, our engineers used a three-dimensional photogrammetry system HL-3DP for a comprehensive scan. At first, the coding points were attached, and then the images were taken from different angles , Import the image to HOLON3DP software for processing, the software will automatically combine the image to get the 3D code pointMark.

          Turbine blade scan site map

          Then import the 3D data into the 3D software and compare and analyze with the original data to generate a test data analysis report. The details are scanned well and the data is complete. You can directly see where the problem is. The customer is very satisfied with our scanned data and can actually solve it. Problems, the turbine design can be improved based on the test data to produce more market-competitive products.

          Turbine blade point cloud data graph

          Turbine blade measurement data chart

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