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          Industry applications

          Mold three-dimensional scanning

          Reverse design of air conditioning reversing valve

          The reversing valve is a very important component in the air conditioner. It is equivalent to a control valve for changing the direction of the freon flow in the air conditioner to change the function of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is important to reverse the design of the reversing valve. The process can be compared by data.

          Practical problems

          The reversing valve is composed of a valve body and four connecting tubes. The composition of the reversing valve is complicated, the joint is easy to cause dead angle, the surface is not neat, and it is difficult to splicing. The small hole in the connection capillary brings some difficulty to the scanning work.

          Air conditioning reversing valve field scan

          Ordinary 3D scanners measure, although the volume is not large, but the details of the part, the scanning accuracy is not high, not complete, can not meet the customer's requirements, the effect is not good.

          Air conditioning reversing valve field scan

          Holon solutions

          Our engineers used a new handheld 3D scanner for measurement and selected the HOLON760 handheld 3D scanner.

          The HOLON760 handheld 3D scanner has a very fast scanning speed and high measurement accuracy. It can meet the high efficiency and high quality requirements of customers without the need of a photogrammetric system. 7 sets of crossed laser lines plus an additional laser line for a total of 15 laser lines, can also be replaced by a single laser scanning mode, multi-directional different angle scanning, suitable for scanning deep holes and dead angles, in line with the complexity of customer workpieces. The automatic splicing technology of the marking points makes the operation process flexible and convenient, greatly improves the working efficiency, and the new research and development technology is guaranteed and saves time. The scanned data is imported into the 3D software to obtain a complete high-precision data map. Convenient, easy to operate and save time. In line with customer needs, the data map is effective and accurate.

          Air conditioning reversing valve field scan


          Air conditioning reversing valve STL data chart


          Air conditioning reversing valve STL data chart


          Air conditioning reversing valve STL data chart

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