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          Industry applications

          Three-dimensional scanning of terracotta warriors sculpture

          3D scanning of terracotta warriors sculpture

          The client wanted to build a three-dimensional digital model of the Terracotta Warriors sculpture and quickly create a scaled sculpture model of the Terracotta Warriors.

          Practical problems

          1. Terracotta Warriors and Sculptures have complex character expressions and movements as well as subtle pattern textures. It is difficult for general 3D scanners to obtain complete 3D data.

          2. using the traditional measurement method, can only obtain part of the data of the Terracotta Warriors sculpture, for some small texture can not be measured, resulting in incomplete data acquisition, can not establish a three-dimensional digital model of the Terracotta Warriors sculpture.

          Hualang solutions

          According to the requirements of the staff, according to the actual situation, Hualang 3D engineers used the 3D scanner HL-3DS (high-efficiency, high-precision acquisition of terracotta 3D data) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio to build a database of terracotta sculptures.


          Terracotta sculpture

          Hualang Engineer's 3D Scanner HL-3DS performs fast scanning of terracotta sculptures with a height of more than 1 meter (only 20 minutes for acquiring complete 3D data of terracotta warriors) and high precision (3D data accuracy of terracotta warriors is 0.03mm). Whether it is complex character expressions and movements, or subtle pattern textures, the 3D scanner HL-3DS can clearly capture and display all data with a minimum distance of 0.047mm.

          Through the three-dimensional scanning of the sculptures of the terracotta warriors and horses, a three-dimensional digital model of the sculpture was built. After the database of sculptures was built, the sculptures of the terracotta warriors and horses were quickly formed by CNC casting, and the sculptures were transformed into shells. Then, the copper water is cast, and after the copper water is cooled, the broken shell copper engraving is completed (if the block casting needs to be welded and assembled).


          Terracotta Point Cloud Data



          Terracotta STL data

          Benefits of Hualang 3D Solution:

          1. The engineering time has been greatly shortened, the engineering efficiency has been improved, and the details of the sculpture have been ensured, so that the project is completed on schedule;

          2. Provide methods for testing and repairing the maintenance and protection of sculptures through digital recording methods;

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