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          Industry applications

          Ancient jade three-dimensional scanning

          Ancient jade three-dimensional scanning case

          A high imitation art manufacturer hopes to imitation of a piece of ancient jade, so that fans who are unable to withstand high-priced genuine goods can purchase fake jade according to their own economic conditions.

          Practical problems

          The ancient jade is a finely crafted artwork with many curved surfaces and many grooves. It is impossible to obtain complete 3D data using ordinary 3D scanners. If the error is too large, the effect of high imitation will not be achieved, resulting in scrapping of raw materials.


          Hualang solutions

          High imitation art means that the material, size, pattern and engraving style of jade must be highly imitated. The solution proposed by Hualang 3D engineers is used: precision 3D scanner HL-3DM (high efficiency, high Accurate acquisition of ancient jade three-dimensional data) + inverse design software Geomagic Studio established the three-dimensional model of ancient jade.


          Ancient jade map

          The 3D model data supports a variety of output formats, such as ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, etc., can be used with a variety of production robots, engraving machines to improve product production efficiency.


          Ancient jade STL data

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