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          Industry applications

          Three-dimensional scanning of ancient artifacts

          Ancient cultural relics "Dragon tortoise" 3D scanning scheme

          The museum has also been committed to better preserve the heritage of history. The digitization of cultural relics, the restoration of cultural relics and the three-dimensional digital display allow us to understand the ancient art and the traditional Chinese cultural heritage.

          Practical problems

          This case:

          Hualang customer: a famous museum in China

          Scanned object: ancient artifact "Dragon tortoise"

          Scanning equipment: HOLON760 handheld laser 3D scanner

          Customer needs: Quickly scan the dragon turtle 3D data model for digital display of cultural relics

          Ancient cultural relics "Dragon tortoise" three-dimensional scanning scene

          Customer demand analysis:

          The customer is a well-known museum in China, which quickly scans and displays the 3D digital products of cultural relics. The customer tried to scan the full-size 3D data using the traditional method and looking for a professional 3D scanning instrument. However, the deviation of the groove contour scanning of the dragon tortoise surface is not complete, and the overall scanning effect is very unsatisfactory.


          Ancient cultural relics "Dragon tortoise" scene physical map

          Detection difficulties:

          1. The dragon tortoise has a small size, complex surface and irregular surface (more curved surface and contour groove). Because the cultural relics involve the inability to spray the imaging agent and paste the marking points, the scanning difficulty is greatly increased, and many companies in the same industry have no way. There is no good scanning solution for starting.

          2. customers need to quickly scan to obtain 3D data model and full color scan data display, using traditional scanning scheme is not only difficult, but also time-consuming and laborious and can not achieve color reproduction, scanning results can not meet customer needs.

          Hualang solutions

          After fully understanding the needs and problems of customers, Hualang engineers recommended the HOLON760 handheld laser 3D scanner.

          HOLON760's high-precision, high-speed features effectively solve the traditional scanning measurement difficulties. It can quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional scan data of each part of the scanned workpiece, and is also suitable for the complex and irregular surface of the dragon tortoise (more curved surface, more concave grooves) and later color scanning processing. It is worth mentioning that the overall effect also makes the customer very satisfied.

          Handheld 3D scanner HOLON760

                ★ Ultra-portable, weighing only 0.87kg;

                ★ Measurement accuracy is up to 0.02mm and resolution is up to 0.05mm;

                ★Almost unlimited 3D scanning, adapt to the measurement tasks of indoor and outdoor and various complex environments.

          Scanning process and results

                Using HOLON760 to scan samples - data import into professional 3D inspection software - to generate high-precision 3D data models - finally 3D color data processing to obtain final color scan 3D data.


          Ancient cultural relic "Dragon tortoise" STL three-dimensional data map



          Ancient cultural relic "Dragon tortoise" STL three-dimensional data map


          Three-dimensional color display of ancient cultural relics


          HOLON760 handheld laser 3D scanner is suitable for all kinds of detection requirements and reverse design. The innovative detection method effectively solves the difficulties of traditional detection methods. In this scan, HOLON760 is fully displayed. The scanning workpiece is small, and the complex and irregular workpieces can be perfectly scanned to obtain complete 3D scan data and post-color data processing.

          Hualang 3D has nearly 20 years of technical accumulation and technology precipitation, a strong R & D team, professional technical support, dedicated pre-sales and after-sales customer service staff, to give customers a perfect scanning solution, customers are very satisfied with this scan display In order to purchase our equipment.

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