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          Industry applications

          3D scanning of wind turbine blades

          Wind turbine blade three-dimensional scanning scheme

          Blades are the most basic and critical components in wind turbines. Its good design, reliable quality and excellent performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit.

          Practical problems

          1. When performing three-dimensional measurement of the blade, since the measured object is large, when the measurement is performed by the camera-type three-dimensional scanner, the cumulative error will be too large, and how to eliminate the influence caused by the error is the biggest problem.

          2. the shape of the blade is a lot of surface, in some places, the light is difficult to shine in, adding difficulty to the scan.

          3. the traditional measurement method, the obtained data is limited and can not accurately express the three-dimensional data of the wind turbine blade surface, and can not carry out the secondary design and quality inspection.

          Hualang solutions

          The blade is the most basic and critical component of the wind turbine. Its good design, reliable quality and superior performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit. The customer uses the 3D scanner HL-3DWV+ +3D photogrammetry system HL-3DP to obtain 3D data of wind turbine blades, improve blade structure and enhance blade performance.


          Wind turbine blade

          In view of the large wind turbine blade area and many curved surfaces, Hualang 3D engineers proposed a solution: 3D photogrammetric system HL-3DP (calculating 3D coordinate values ??of key information points on the surface of wind turbine blades) + 3D scanner HL-3DWV+ (quickly acquire high-precision 3D data of wind turbine blades) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert wind turbine blade point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data) + Pro/E, UG and other mainstream design software Post-processing is carried out to carry out the secondary design of the wind turbine blade.

          a. Hualang 3D engineer uses the 3D photogrammetry system HL-3DP to shoot the measured blade from different angles, and then introduce the captured image into the photogrammetric software. The software will automatically calculate the whole of the measured blade according to the triangulation principle. Frame point. Then, the software calculates the frame point of the wind turbine blade into the three-dimensional scanning software HLOLON3DS, and uses the frame point data as the positioning skeleton to splicing the scan data, thereby effectively eliminating the accumulated error and achieving the best three-dimensional measurement accuracy.

          b. Three-dimensional scanner HL-3DWV+ performs comprehensive three-dimensional measurement on long wind turbine blades to obtain three-dimensional measurement data of wind turbine blades.

          c. Using the reverse design software to perform the deviation analysis of the digital model size of the high-quality surface model, and then design and adjust according to the analysis result.

          d. The CAD data finally outputted by the reverse modeling software can be used for CNC machine tool processing, rapid prototyping, and appearance quality inspection. Three-dimensional detection of wind blades


          Wind turbine blade 3D data

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