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          Industry applications

          Aviation helmet reverse design

          Aviation helmet reverse design case

          The helmet has sights, communication equipment and aircraft flight data displays. In the event of an accident, the helmet can protect the pilot while the pilot is jumping! Use 3D scanners to obtain 3D data from aviation helmets, improve helmet structure and improve helmet performance.

          Practical problems

          1. The level of the inner layer of the aviation helmet is too high, and there are many curved surfaces and grooves, which makes the scanning difficulty increase.

          2. the traditional measurement method data acquisition density is not enough (insufficient data volume) and the surface and curvature of the aviation helmet can not be measured, can not be detected normally, and can not reverse mapping later.

          Hualang solutions

          1. Case requirements:

          Customers need to develop new aviation helmets, which need to obtain 3D data of existing helmets for reference.

          Aviation helmet

          2, customer requirements accuracy:


          3. the actual scanning accuracy:


              Aviation helmets are characterized by complex shapes, small batch sizes, large differences in part specifications, and high reliability requirements. Therefore, product shaping is a complicated and precise process, which often requires multiple designs, tests and improvements, which is costly and time consuming. Hualang 3D engineers propose solutions for use: 3D scanner HL-3DSV (quickly acquire high-precision 3D data from aviation helmets) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert aviation helmet point cloud data to triangular mesh surface data) + Pro /E, UG and other mainstream design software for post-processing, speeding up the secondary design of the aviation helmet. It can quickly produce the samples needed for the aviation helmet and simulate the final shape of the aviation helmet (functional form, surface shape, etc.), which can be used for product testing, assembly testing, evaluation, functional explanation, etc., which can be shortened compared with the traditional process. About 1/4 of the production time. Compared with the traditional process, Hualang 3D molding process can be free from any shape and structure, and can complete any complicated shape quickly without any mold. The production results are not only high precision, excellent detail, high surface quality in line with the technical requirements of aerospace, but also a certain degree of lightweight upgrade.

          Aviation helmet 3D data


          Aviation helmet STL data chart

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