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          Industry applications

          Reverse design of kayaking model

          Kayaking model reverse design case

          The kayak model is up to four meters long and has a large scanning difficulty factor. By analyzing the scanned parts and using the 3D scanner HL-3DW developed by independent technology, Hualang 3D technical engineers can obtain 3D data of the kayak model in just 40 minutes, with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

          Practical problems

          1. The traditional measurement method has insufficient data collection density (insufficient data volume) and cannot measure the surface and curvature of the kayak model. It cannot be detected normally, and can not be reversed in the later stage.

          2. The model of the kayak is 4.0m long. The scanning size of the general three-dimensional scanner is small. When scanning large objects, the cumulative scanning width is too much, and there is a problem that the marking points cannot be found and the splicing is not up. It has problems such as large workload and low work efficiency, and the accuracy of the acquired data does not meet the needs of customers.

          Hualang solutions

          Reconstructing the design of the three-dimensional model of the kayak model is costly and time-consuming, which is not conducive to product research and development. The 3D scanner scans the kayaking model to obtain high-precision 3D data, improves the design efficiency of the reverse designer, ensures the accuracy of CAD design results, and shortens the product development cycle.


          Kayak model scanning scene

          The kayaking model has the characteristics of large area and many curved surfaces. Hualang 3D technical engineer proposed the solution to use: large object 3D scanner HL-3DW (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of kayaking model) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert the kayaking model point cloud data to triangle Grid surface data) +Pro/E, UG and other mainstream design software for post-processing, speeding up the secondary design of the kayaking model.

          The kayak model is up to four meters long, and the relative difficulty of scanning is relatively large. This is an area that many domestic companies are temporarily out of reach. The project was contracted by a well-known three-handed scanner company in Canada before the company handed it to Hualang 3D, but the effect was unsatisfactory and took nearly six hours. The handheld 3D scanner company called precision. Up to 0.5mm, the scanning results are nearly 4cm, resulting in scrapping of the mold and serious losses. Hualang 3D technical engineer obtained the complete 3D data of the kayak model with an accuracy of 0.1mm by analyzing the scanned parts and using the large object 3D scanner HL-3DW developed by independent technology.


          Kayak model positive STL data



          Kayak model positive STL data

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