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          Industry applications

          Counter-design of fighter turbine blades

          Fighter turbine blade reverse design case

          An aviation accessory manufacturer in Guizhou uses the Hualang 3D scanner to scan the turbine blades of the worn aircraft. The blade body of the turbine blade is the carrier for energy conversion in the gas, and the primary factor determining the performance of the turbine. The design requirements of the turbine blade are very high. .

          Practical problems

          1.According to the complexity of blade edge curvature, the three-dimensional scanning instrument is used to detect the wear of the engine blade, and the blade blade is compared with the original blade data to obtain the blade wear degree.

          2. The traditional measurement method has insufficient data acquisition density, because the surface of the blade is an irregular surface, and the scanning accuracy of the three-dimensional scanner is very high.

          Hualang solutions

          Turbine blade structure is complex and the design process is cumbersome. To complete the turbine blade design, detailed 3D scanning of the turbine blade is required. The 3D scanner scans the turbine blade model to obtain high-precision 3D data and improve the design of the designer. Efficiency, ensure accurate CAD design results, and shorten product development cycle. Based on the problems faced by the airline, Hualang 3D technical engineers used the solution: 3D scanner HL-3DS+ (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of motor parts) + reverse design software (accurate according to 3D scanner) The three-dimensional data is designed for secondary design) to accelerate the production of aircraft turbine blades.


          Aircraft turbine blade 3D scanning



          Turbine blade scanning point cloud map



          Turbine blade scanning STL diagram

          Multi-function 3D scanner HL-3DS Features: Extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift grating: uniform stripe projection, point cloud data with high precision, no noise data, small hardware system, small footprint, no noise, easy to disassemble , Scanning speed is very fast: ≤ 3-5 seconds can get millions of data points, high efficiency (can also be customized according to customer needs), single scanning accuracy of up to 0.01mm, eliminating common multi-angle scanning of 3D scanners The problem of splicing is not high, the cumulative scanning precision is extremely high, the single machine can complete the workpiece scanning of about 4m, the data has no multi-mode scanning such as steps, deformation, stripe, etc. It is easy to adjust and is suitable for various workpiece requirements.

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